Roots is a guided tour though contemporary dance; National Dance Company Wales will take some of their favourite pieces and pair them with a discussion at the end to help you get to the heart of the stories.

You can ask anything you like or just sit back and enjoy.

They will show you three dances made by a mix of home-grown talent and world-famous choreographers. Each is a bite-sized short story and different from the one before it.

Bernadette by NDCWales’ resident choreographer Caroline Finn is like watching the outtakes from Great British Bake off, both hilarious and really, very tragic. This piece of comedic dance is very messy, both physically and emotionally: flour and feelings everywhere.

Omertá by Cardiff-based Matteo Marfoglia is about the role of women in Italian Mafia families, it’s dark and liberating with powerful music and beautiful black lace costumes.

AtalaÓ± by award-winner Mario Bermudez Gil takes inspiration from the Mediterranean; it fuses hip-hop, ballet, contemporary and street styles of music and dance. It’s warm and dynamic with a soulful feel.

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